Flammability Testing & Certification Services

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Dear Valued Skandia Customer

This manual is designed to give guidance and understanding of FAA Regulations 14 CFR 25.853 (a), (c) and (d) dealing with Part 25 aircraft seat flammability requirements in layman terms. In addition, we have included guidance for 14 CFR 25.856 and 14 CFR 23.856 testing for thermal/acoustic insulation. This manual is considered guidance material; if you have regulatory questions, please refer them to your local FAA Office. Keep in mind, any materials going into an aircraft will have to meet some form of flammability requirement and that the materials have to be tested in the “as installed state.”

Jarod Triplett

In this online resource:

  • FAR Guidelines & Understanding
  • Interactive Flammability Testing & Certification Forms